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I'm 4EverfreeBrony, a singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington. Thanks for visiting my subscriber page! So many people have asked if I had a subscriber option that I had to explore this and see if it makes sense. And I think for many fans, it will.

I evaluated the options and I decided on a yearly subscription. At the $30 price, that's $2.50 a month. I normally put out two albums a year. So as a yearly subscriber you'll get all my new albums. But you'll have them two weeks before I make them available to the public! You'll also get access to download my entire back catalog of music. That's 4 albums currently.

Also, because you are being so generous in being a subscriber, I'm also going to give you 50% off of all merchandise. That's pretty close to my cost on the CDs.

All that is cool, but I want to do something extra special. So here it is. If you are a big fan, I think this is why you might consider subscribing right now.

For those that are aware, I'm currently away, serving as a full time missionary in Argentina until July 2016. I have written many new songs while I have been gone (current count: 50 originals, 17 Spanish translations), and I've sent demo's of most of them home. I don't have the best recording equipment in Argentina, but my family does a good job cleaning them up. So all subscribers are going to get access to all those demo recordings too! When I return, I'm going to be writing new songs, and I'll continue to make demo recordings available to subscribers. This is really a sneak peek inside my brain at what is coming in the future.

Thanks for your amazing support! While I'm really enjoying my time as a missionary, I look forward to being able to share the amazing ideas for music that two years in Argentina have brought me.

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Auburn, Washington
I do just about any genre, aside from rap and dubstep. I play a number of instruments, and I do most of my own songwriting. Hope you enjoy!


M. Kerr
M. Kerr thumbnail
M. Kerr A fantastic subscription from one of my favorite artists. There are so many good songs and, in particular, Miracles and Pockets speak volumes. I can see your own experiences in these songs, and it's amazing to hear it come through so loudly. Keep on keeping on, 4Everfree/Garrison. Know that you are inspiring.
Favorite Songs - Miracles, Pockets, Starswirl's Frankenstein, Superfan...
Teal thumbnail
Teal Looking very much forward to your Spanish released, my mother always questions why I listen to your voice, and I just can translate, but I can't simply tell her what the English words truly mean behind the lyrics.

Best on your adventures out there and good wishes to your family as well! You are inspirational.
James Weaver
James Weaver thumbnail
James Weaver Extremely grateful for how amazing this is and all people involved. You guys are awesome and make beautiful, fun, cheery, and thoughtful music I've always appreciated. Thank you :)

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